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Low Cost Servo Systems
New, Cost Effective Servo System Allows Conversion From Stepper To Servo Without Re-mortgaging Your Business! The TDC combines positioner, amplifier and power supply in one package. The TD model is a servo amplifier with power supply in one, compact package.The best part ?? Prices for the complete servo positioning controller are under $1700 !!! The amplifier, without the positioner, is less than $1000! B&B offers several lines of compatible, brushless DC motors.

The Logical Transition from Stepper to Servo
Provides cost effective transition from Stepper to Brushless DC servo performance. Two families: Servo Amplifiers and Servo Amplifiers with Integral Positioning Controller. Both packages include power supply; operate directly off-the-line, 95-264VAC. Continuous current ratings of 4 amps and 8 amps (8 amps and 16 amps peak). Accept standard +/-10 VDC analog torque input. Available with new SLO-SYN NEMA 23, 34, and 42 frame size Servo motors for easy Stepper conversion. Compatible with Brushless DC Servo motors using Hall effects or encoder with commutation tracks. Systems provide typical torque outputs from 5 in-lb to 120 in-lb. Compact, cost effective, stand-alone products. Designed to meet UL, CUL, and CE requirements

When matched to appropriate SLO-SYN brushless DC servo motor
Speed: To 5000 RPM
Torque: To 120 in-lb (continuous) --- To 240 in-lb (peak)

The new TD/TDC Series Brushless DC Servo Amplifiers and Servo Positioning Systems are compact, stand-alone servo controllers which include an integral power supply for operation directly off the line. AC input voltages range from 95 through 264 VAC. They drive the complete line of NEMA 23, 34 and 42 brushless SLO-SYN® DC Servo Motors having output torque ratings ranging from 5 to 120 in-lbs at speeds to 5,000 RPM. The systems provide a cost effective transition from stepper to servo performance. TD Series units are servo amplifiers. They accept the traditional analog torque input signal +/-10 V and are available in two models with a continuous current capability of 4 and 8 A and peak currents of 8 and 16 A. Models in the TDC Series consist of a stand-alone, single axis position controller which includes a servo amplifier, position control card and internal power supply. Other features include 10 inputs, 2 outputs, 2 configurable RS232/RS485 ports, servo monitor outputs and a host of monitor and function outputs. They are programmed in a BASlC-like language using a Windows-based programming tool. TDC Series units also have a continuous current capability of 4 and 8 A and peak currents of 8 and 16 A. All units are fully protected against short circuits, overtemperature and ground faults. They have built-in dynamic brake resistors for most inertial loads. For full information, write, fax or phone:
B&B Motor & Control Corp.
39-40 Crescent St.
Long Island City, NY 11101
Fax 718-784-1930.

B&B carries a full line of compatible Brushless DC Servo Motors for use with the TD/TDC products. Let B&B help take the mystery out of servo systems and guide you through the intracacies of sizing and selection. FAX us for your free Sizing and Selection software, good for both servo and stepper systems.
Send your fax to 860-485-9128.

TDC Servo System


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