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Zero-Cogging Pancake DC Servo Motors

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If your application requires glass-like smooth motion, or needs a servo that fits where others don't, then the MS series is the answer! Ideal for fiber optic machinery, optical/photographic equipment, anywhere in fact, where true zero-cogging is required.


bulletZero Cogging
bulletSpeeds to 6000 RPM, 3000 RPM Rated
bulletTorques to 220 in.-lb Peak
bulletBrush Life: 20,000 Hours Typical
bulletRotor: Wire-Wound Epoxy Encapsulated, (Not a Printed Circuit Type)
bulletHandle 10x Overcurrent
bulletAdditional Features: 
bulletRatings to 6,000 RPM
bulletCompact Length
bulletIP54 Protection
bulletZero Cogging
bulletEIA or NEMA Mounting
bulletAcceleration Torques to 10X Rated
bullet IP 65 Protection
bulletIntegrally Mounted Tachometers
bulletIntegral Fail-Safe Holding Brakes (no added length)
bulletIntegrally Mounted Encoders
bulletIntegrally Mounted Gearheads

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