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B&B is proud of its association with Custom Servo Motors. We have consistently found the company and its local representatives to be the most responsive in the industry. We can deliver a complete servo system in 2 to 3 weeks... on time and to exacting customer specifications. Let us tell you about the available line of 

Brushless Servo Motors

bulletServo Amplifiers
bulletPositioning Controllers
bulletBrushless Linear Motors

We promise you will be completely satisfied with the products, performance and responsiveness of all the motion control professionals at B&B and Custom Servo Motor. For more information, call us at 800-638-7808.

Bulletproof Servo Motors

Quality Servo Motors

csm_svoflex.JPG (14728 bytes)

Cost Effective ServoFlex

csm_amp.gif (11603 bytes)

Bulleproof Amplifiers

Our Custom Servo Literature is available as individual data sheets or as a complete, bright red, 3-ring binder. Whatever your needs, please give us a call at 800-638-7808 or e-mail: sales@bbmotor.com. We'll get the proper literature in your hands, ASAP!
When responding, please try to give us an idea of your performance requirements (Torque, Speed Etc.) so we can more accurately choose the appropriate literature for your application.


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