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Easy to program and now web-based,  CTC brings Internet technology to the manufacturing floor!

Tired of programming in ladder logic! B&B has the solution! The new line of machine controllers from Control Technology Corp, program in Windows-based 'QuickStep', using human language terms, such as "spindle up", "slide in" etc. Programming and troubleshooting are a breeze, and now with the new Control.COM® family, you can troubleshoot, change your program, and monitor machine production from your office, hotel or even the comfort of your home!

Control Technology Corp's prolific and talented designers have developed a broad line of high-performance automation controllers. But these are very different from the traditional "PLC" -- they are programmed with a powerful multitasking State Language called Quickstep™, and directly support motion control, analog, data communications, and other automation functions. 

All common control functions are integrated in a single architecture. These electronic control systems are used in a wide variety of industries, including: 

bulletSemiconductor Fabrication
bulletPackaging Machinery
bulletIn-Plant Automation
bulletCustom Machinery
bulletConsumer Goods Manufacturer
bulletWarehousing Computer Peripheral Manufacturer
bulletHazardous Waste Recovery/Cleanup
bulletFood and Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery
bulletand a variety of others...

Specification Description
Programming Windows-based "QuickStep"
I/O Capability Digital and Analog, AC/DC, Opto-Isolated
Stepper Motion Cards Full or Microstep, Pulse & Direction Input
Servo Motion Cards Analog Input, Single/Dual Axis
Serial Communications RS232, RS485
Ethernet Networking Capability 10base2 or 10baseT Connections
NEW!! Web Server Communications New 2717 Module Resides as Node on Internet!
Model Configurations From Simple, Micro Controller to 10 Slot Packages
Multitasking Up to 28 Simultaneous Machine Automation Tasks

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