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2601 Automation Kit

New! Automation kit includes:
bullet2601 machine controller
bulletWindows based Quickstep™ software
bulletand more...
Includes virtually everything you need for a small automation project. Only $525!
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autokit.JPG (57790 bytes)The 2601 series automation kit provides virtually everything  you need for a small automation project. Designed to  introduce you to Control Technology Corporation's family of  products, the kit features the following components: 

bullet 2601 Automation Controller. The 2601 is a high performance  discrete automation controller measuring only 3 and a 1/4  inches by 6 inches by 1 inch. It provides 16 digital inputs  16 digital outputs and integrated RS 232 port, 1000 storage  registers and can execute up to 28 simultaneous tasks using  CTC's Quickstep State Language.  
bullet Quickstep for Windows SE. The Quickstep for windows  programming environment allows Quickstep State Language  programs to be developed under Microsoft Windows. Programs  are developed rapidly using simple point and click mouse  operations. The language provides a comprehensive  collection of instructions for performing I/O functions,  counter/flag management, register manipulations and other  controller functios. Quickstep's unique step  representation, along with support for symbolic names,  greatly enhances program readability and minimizes debug  time.  

Diagnostics are performed from the MS Windows environment  using the CTC monitor utility. This utility allows dynamic  monitoring and manipulation of controller resources  including register values, analog and digital I/O, and  program status. The utility also provides DDE access to  controller resources from MS Windows application' such as  Excel.

This special edition version of Quickstep is designed to  work only with the 2601 controller. But a coupon is  included for a reduced price upgrade to a full Quickstep  site license.  
bullet Distribution Blocks. For connection to I/O, a pair of screw  terminal distribution blocks are supplied with 3 foot ribbon  cables.  
bullet Power supply cable. A 3 foot cable is supplies to connect  the controller to an external 24 volt DC power supply (not  included).  
bullet T-Shirt and Golf Ball. A titleist golf ball made with CTC  controllers and complimentary T-shirt have been included to  use in the implementation time you'll save. 

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