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B&B OEM "ValueStep" Step Motors

bbstep1.jpg (17203 bytes)New, From B&B Motor & Control Corp., a complete line of hybrid, PM type stepper motors, designed and priced with the OEM in mind. Choose from a variety of step angles, frame sizes, shaft configurations etc. Sizes include 17, 23, 34 and even 42. Available in standard and "high torque" configurations, these high quality products are compatable with virtually all step motor drives, depending on current capability.

bbsteps190.jpg (12396 bytes)B&B's new ValueStep line can be custom configured to your original equipment product requirements. For more information, please call us at 800-638-7808, fax your requirements to 860-485-9128, or email

The information we need to help choose the correct motor for your application.......
bulletStep Angle
bullet Holding Torque
bullet Torque at Speed (Torque at x Steps/Sec)
bullet Accel / Decel Requirements
bullet Frame Size (17, 23, 34, 42)
bullet Single or Double Shaft
bullet Shaft Dimensions
bullet Shaft Flat, Keyway etc.
bullet Special Winding Requirements
bullet Encoder Requirements (Pulses / Rev etc.)
bullet Description of your load
bullet Load Torque & Inertia
bullet Drive Description, Type
bullet Mounting Requirements (Flange, Holes etc.)

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