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MicroVerter - AC Inverter D

The MicroVerter is only 2.5"w x 4.2"h x 3"d
The MicroVerter is only 2.5"w x 4.2"h x 3"d

Now! An AC Inverter Drive, Packaged, CE Rated, at Fantastic Prices!
If you've been waiting for packaged inverter prices to fall, wait no longer! Introducing B&B's new MicroVerter, packaged, compact, fan cooled, with internal choke, and CE rated. This masterpiece of electronic motion control engineering will thoroughly impress you with its quality, performance and solid value. This mighty micro will handle AC motors up to a full horsepower and is available in 1/4, 1/2, 1.0 and 3.0 HP configurations. 
Higher HP models in larger packages, (to 30 HP) are also on the way, and will follow the compact, price leadership concept of the MicroVerter family.

Coming Soon: NEMA 4 Packages and a new line of Flux Vector Drives!


bulletCompact Size!
bulletModels for 1/4, 1/2 & 1HP, 1-120Hz.
bulletLED operation indicators
bulletSimple touchpad operation
bullet0-10v, 0-20ma input
bulletExternal speed pot terminals
bulletInternal EMI filter
bullet200-240v input, 1-ph
bullet3-ph, 200-240v output
bulletTo 999 second Acc/Dec
bullet150% overload, 1 min.
bulletSine wave, PWM
bulletCE, UL 508 certification

mv300motors.jpg (13323 bytes)In Good Company !
The B&B MicroVerter is ideal to control the speed of quality AC motors such as Bodine, Baldor, Slo-Syn, and many more. The easy-to-use keypad uses Function commands similar to the F keys on your computer, to select all key operating parameters. In addition, numerous screw terminals, make connecting a speed pot, direction switch..., a snap.

Don't need a packaged control? See Our BBVF, open chassis/heatsink mount AC inverters

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