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BBVF Adjustable Frequency Drive

New AC Inverter Breaks $150 Barrier
For Motor Speed Controls

Dramatic advances in semiconductor technology and cost effective power switching devices are resulting in significant price reductions in adjustable speed drives. In line with these technology advances, B&B Motor & Control Corp. has announced it's new family of NOVA AC, AC inverter motor speed controls. 

The Nova AC, BBVF Adjustable Frequency Drive, is available in 1/2HP or 1 HP, configurations, and provides easy to use, variable speed control of three-phase AC induction motors. Adjustable linear acceleration and deceleration are provided, making the drive ideal for soft start applications as well.

The output voltage is sinewave coded PWM operating at 16 kHz, which provides high motor torque, high efficiency and low noise. The BBVF is a full-featured drive with full torque over a 30:1 speed range. The unit operates from 115 or 230 VAC single phase input, to drive standard 208-230 VAC 3-phase motors. Simple trimpot adjustments eliminate computer-like programming required on other drives, however, for most applications, no adjustments are necessary. Other features include RMS current limit, I²t motor overload protection, electronic current inrush limit and a built in dV/dT filter to reduce voltage spikes to the motor. The BBVF also includes LED diagnostic indicators. The unit's footprint is only 4.6" x 4.3".

The BBVF AC Inverter Drive From B&B offers one of the best values today in the adjustable speed control market. This drive is ideal for both user and OEM applications, and is truly an exceptional value. Choose from either the 1/2 or 1 HP model.

1/2 HP - $150
1 HP - $190

Standard Features

bulletOperates standard 208-230VAC 3-phase AC motors, with 115 and 230 VAC input single phase.*
bulletControl 50, 60 and 50/60 Hz with a convenient jumper selection.
bulletSine wave coded PWM - provides high motor torque and efficient operation.
bulletPower Start™ - provides more than 200% starting torque.
bullet30:1 speed range with full motor torque.**
bullet16 kHz switching frequency - provides quiet motor operation.
bulletI²t motor overload protection - provides motor overload protection and eliminates nuisance trips and motor burnout.
bulletSlip Compensation with Boost - provides excellent load regulation over a wide speed range.
bulletEICL - Eliminates harmful inrush AC line current during startup.
bulletdV/dT Filter - reduces harmful voltage spikes to motor.
bulletRegeneration Protection - eliminates Tripping due to bus overvoltage.
bulletCompact Size
bulletJumper Selections
bulletForward - Stop - Reverse /Enable
bulletAutomatic - Manual Start
bullet0-60, 0-120, 0-50 Hz
bulletTrimpot Adjustments
bulletMinimum Speed - MIN · Maximum Speed - MAX
bulletAcceleration - ACCEL · Deceleration - DECEL
bulletSlip Compensation - COMP · Current Limit - CL
bulletLED Diagnostic Indicators
bulletPower On · Motor Overload · I²t trip · Undervoltage · Stop short circuit trip · Micro-controller status


Top drawing is for the 1/2 HP model - Bottom drawing is for the 1 HP model


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