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About Us

In addition to being one of the largest distributors and modifiers of Bodine motors, B&B specializes in providing all types of engineering support. After over 75 years of business, B&B knows what the customer is looking for. We have both the experience and the know how to help you with any of your needs.

Our Automation Group provides manufacturing engineering assistance and programming that integrates mechanical, electrical and electronic components for an integrated solution to your manufacturing needs.

So whether you need a simple SCR control, modified Bodine motor or the latest stepper sizing software, B&B can help.

Products We Sell


AC & DC Linear
Brushless Pancake Servo
Direct Drive Permanent Magnet
Explosion Proof Repairs - all types
Encoder Servo - AC/DC
Gearmotors Stepping high torque
Fractional HP Synchronous
Induction Vector Drive
Inverter Duty Washdown
Adjustable Speed Preset Indexers
Closed Loop Programmable Controls (PLC)
Clutch/Brake Stepper Drives
Digital Speed & Positioning Servo Positioning
Flux Vector Servo Amplifiers
Multi-Axis Tensioning
Open Loop Torque
Positioning Variable Frequency
Positioning Systems
Actuators - Linear Stepper
Board Level/Packaged Stepper - Linear
Belt Driven Servo - AC/DC
Encoders - Rotary Single & Multi-Axis
Encoders - Linear Linear Tables
Encoders - Absolute Rotary Tables
Lead Screw Driven Windows® based Software
PC & VME Based  
Gear Boxes
In-Line Right-Angle
Nema Mounts Servo/Stepper Mounts
Metric Mounts Zero-Backlash


CAD to Motion Motion Programming
Motor Sizing & Selection  


Markets We Serve
Automotive Metal Forming
Appliance Office Automation
Communications Optical
Computer Packaging
Converting Pharmaceutical
Electronic Imaging Photographic
Fiber Optics Printed Circuit Board
Food Printing
Gaging Process Control
Graphics Robotics
HVAC Semiconductor
In-House Automation Specialty Machinery
Inspection Equipment Systems Integration
Jewelry Textile
Machinery Rebuilding Wafer Processing
Machine Tool Wire & Cable
Medical Woodworking
Adhesives Application Paper Feeding
Circuit Board Protection Press Feeds
Cut-to-Length Robots
Electronic Assembly Roll Feeders
Feed-to-Stop Rotary Tables
Fiber Optic Cable Semiconductor Testing
Production Stackers
Gasket Cutters Test Equipment
Ink Pumps Tensioning Systems
Inspection Equipment Valve
Linear Positioning Vision Systems
Medical Packaging Wafer Slicing
PCB Etching/Handling X-Y-Z- Positioning


So give us a call at (800) 785-0097 or complete the on-line information request and let use help you with your next application.

Call any one of our regional sales centers today, or call our National Sales Center at (800) 785-0097.


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